Visa Vietnam Embassy Riparian States

You can apply Vietnam Visa on the Vietnam Embassies and Consulates at riparian states of Vietnam. To apply Vietnam Visa here is recommended, if you are present for some time in one of the riparian states (China, Cambodia, Laos) before you enter in Vietnam and if you want to travel to Vietnam by land, because here the Visa fees for apply Vietnam Visa lower than as example in Europe. It is recommended to appear personally at the embassies or to order by a local travel agency to apply Vietnam Visa. With a valid Vietnam Visa foreigners can pass into Vietnam on every official border crossing at airports, ports and by land. By airway into Vietnam, it is advisable to apply Vietnam Visa on arrival.

Visa  Vietnam Embassies  Socialist Republic of Vietnam in China, Cambodia and Laos

Vietnam Embassy in Beijing

Vietnam Consulate in Guangzhou

Vietnam Consulate in Hongkong

Vietnam Consulate in Kunming

Vietnam Consulate in Nanning

Vietnam Embassy in Phnom Penh

Vietnam Consulate in Battambang

Vietnam Consulate in Sihanoukville

Vietnam Embassy in Vientiane

Vietnam Consulate in Luang Prabang

Vietnam Consulate in Pakse

Vietnam Consulate in Savannakhet

Required application documents for a Vietnam Visa from the Vietnamese embassy at Riparian States

  • original passport with free Visa sides, which is valid on entry at least 6 months
  • two passport photo 4x6 cm, biometrically
  • completed application form
  • processing fee (Check charges at the Embassy or Consulate)

Current Note: Those who do not want to go to the Vietnam Embassy should use the service of the hotels or local travel agencies, which also provide information on the amount of the Visa fee for Visa Vietnam Embassy.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival - lower cost than Vietnam Visa at Vietnamese Embassies

  • The fastest, safest and most inexpensive way for entry into Vietnam for Tourists and Business men!
  • Full-fledged Visa without restrictions for everyone. Applicable worldwide within a few minutes no matter where and when.
  • Issuing is possible at the following working day after booking and 100-percent entry guarantee*.
  • Save up to over 41.30 EURO per Visa compared with a Visa of the Vietnamese Embassy in Germany.
8 €
plus additional
dispatch not
applied for
in minutes
online, credit cards,
line dispatch within
1/2 to 3 days

Full-fledged Visa to Vietnam***, without any limitation! Validity such a Visa from the Vietnamese Embassy!
Available on international Airports in Vietnam as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City as well Da Nang and Nha Trang!
In cases of confirmed application, we guarantee your entry into Vietnam as well the transport through your airline!
* We guarantee the entry into Vietnam as well the transport through your airline in cases of confirmed application.
** The cost of as of 8 EURO includes only our processing fees. Are added the fees for issuing Visas in the amount of 25, - USD (single entry), 50, - USD (multiple entry to 29 days), and 50, - USD (multiple entry to 85 days) which shall be payable to the Vietnamese Immigration Authorities at the destination airport in Vietnam.
*** You will get after booking and paying an official Approval about the receipt of Visa upon Arrival from the Vietnamese Immigration Department which is required at check in on the airport of departure. The Vietnam Visa will be issued upon arrival in Vietnam at the airport.
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